Environmental measurement, investigation and analysis
Tools and means

Tools and means

Sampling and measuring equipment
  • Portable multimeter HACH: pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temerature
  • Portable turbidimeter HACH
  • Sampling kit supplied by the laboratory (bottles, filters, stabilizing reagents and refrigeration equipment) 
  • Hydrometric currentmeter  OTT MF PRO, decameter
  • 20L bucket


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Portable multimeter HACH 

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Portable turbidimeter HACH

Field investigation equipment
  • Digital camera equipped with GPS
  • Safety equipment: safety shoes / boots, waders, helmets, gloves, reflective vests, life vests
  • Sports equipment: two-seater kayak, hiking, snorkeling and climbing equipment
Additional diplomas
  • Boating licence
  • Prevention and civic relief (level 1)
  • Diving level 1
Software used
  • R, Matlab
  • SIG
  • Microsoft Office