Environmental measurement, investigation and analysis


Our references

Since 2021,Mesur’eau has participated in the following projects:

  • OFFICE DE L’EAU DE LA REUNION (97). Implementation of the DCE monitoring control of the hydromorphological status of the continental waters of the REUNION basin (CARHYCE protocol).Work in co-contracting with BIOTOPE. 
  • Grenoble INP-ENSE3 and ENSAG (38). Realization of physico-chemical measurements in situ in the river Etançons, near refuge du Chatelleret (FFCAM), in the massif of Ecrins. Realization of water withdrawals in the river etançons. 
  • BONPLET (62). Analysis of the potability of the water at the outlet of the osmosis unit for the company BONPLET.

Since 2017, Antoinette Jestin and Raphaël Colmet-Daâge have participated in the following projects: